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Welcome to Team Acidity Pro Gaming
Are you a serious hardcore gamer? Well Team Acidity is a great team for you to join. Team Acidity Pro Gaming is backed up by major sponsors operated by high quality management. A list of our servers can be found on the website join the action register on the website and get your game on go pro! Team Acidity - Tearing through players like hydrofluoric acid. Join the pros and get sponsored. Team Acidity wants you!

We are currently seeking members for Team Acidity's Pro Series gaming Team
Are you a experienced Counter-Strike Source or Counter-Strike Global Offensive player? If so then check out our forums for information on how to be on Team Acidity's Pro Series team. Each member will be sponsored by Team Acidity meaning servers will be provided for you, matches will be set up for you and broadcast over Twitch TV. All earnings will be divided upon the members of our Pro Series gaming team.

The CEVO Matches are taking off
14th Jun 2013 · tA^ MidWest · 1 Comments · Likes · Like

Team Acidity's first match in Season 2 of CEVO will take place on Monday June 17th. We will provide everyone with details on how you can view the match online! Stay tuned Go Pro Get Noticed and Earn Sponsors, Tearing through players like hydroflouric acid!

- Team Acidity

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